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I have finally put CGTerm 2.0 on GitHub. After putting it up, I decided to run the binary that I had compiled for Mac a few years ago. Even after forcibly adding the SDL framework, all I could get was a blank canvas. This was reported the some time ago. I was hoping that it was simply a matter of needing to give the SDL framework permissions to operate out of the Framework directory. No such luck

I then decided that I should recompile it with Xcode. Maybe be recompiling, I could finally add the SDL library in with the package and not need an extra step. That would also allow me to work on adding the menu in to work natively on the Mac.

After probably an hour, and ringing the bell with my blood pressure, I gave up. I kept running into build issues that not only didn’t make sense to me, but that Google wasn’t helpful enough. I have limited access to a Mac that can run current Xcode. So while the code is out there, I am going to pivot and concentrate on both a Python version that will be much easier to compile and run cross platform (I hope) and a web based version so that I can finally BBS from my iPad.

I was hopping to someday bring a native C64 terminal program to iOS. Instead, I would rather have one working that I can use from anywhere and a version of my beloved Color64 running on a server. I might be crazy (OK, no might about it. I am certifiable.) but I want to run a real BBS again. I don’t have bare metal, and I haven’t quite figured out how to interface VICE with Telnet acting like a 1670 modem.

Instead, I want to run a service on PHP that will open the D64 disk and interpret the BASIC on the fly. It would also have an admin screen just like I was sitting down at my trusty Commodore waiting for another call. And how about being able to change configs and reboot the board on the fly? Like I said, I have a screw loose. So in the meantime, please enjoy the mods I did make and if you are able to compile and figure out the build bugs, please drop me a line so that I can add it to the GIT so that others can enjoy what few BBS’s are left on the internet.

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